Columbia Coaching Conference 2016 Experiential Learning Session Series: Expanding Possibilities-An Experiential Process to Vision The Future of Coaching, and Commit to Action

Sara Bigwood Affiliate to ICF New York and Director of Employee Development Program at Havas Worldwide Rosy Elliott Affiliate to ICF Philadelphia and  Principal, Evolve Coaching The purpose of this experiential learning session is to explore the future of coaching by building bridges between individual work and systems coaching. Participants- academics, researchers and coaches, will […]

Columbia Coaching Conference 2016 Experiential Learning Session Series: Working with Teams to Create a High Performing Culture using Stages of Individual and Team Development

Beth Shapiro, PCC Affiliate to ICF, Principal at Sustainable Success  Sara Bigwood, PCC Affiliate to ICF New York, Director of Employee Development Program, Havas Worldwide  This experiential session will explore teams as the future’s most important unit in organizations—the core unit that establishes organizational culture and sparks its evolution and development. This session will enable […]

Columba Coaching Conference Keynote Speaker: David B. Peterson – Reinventing Executive Coaching | Seven Paths Forward

Many executive coaches develop their craft in a learning environment that emphasizes relationship-building, open-ended questions, giving feedback, and a core set of assessment tools. Increasingly, there is a growing disconnect between these traditional approaches and the real-world needs of leaders in today’s complex, constantly changing workplaces and the demands of the external environments in which […]

Columba Coaching Conference Keynote Speaker: Richard E. Boyatzis – Coaching for Sustained, Desired Change: Why Relationships, Compassion and Hope Matter

Growth and development are major drivers in our quest to help others make a difference and contribute to a better organization and society. Coaches, as a class of people who help others, establish a deep emotional connection with others called resonance. A coach’s level of emotional intelligence allow them to create and nurture resonant relationships […]

Columba Coaching Conference Keynote Speaker: Amy Abel – Looking Back to Go Forward: 10 Years of Executive Coaching Research

On its 10th year, the 2016 Global Executive Coaching Research Report by The Conference Board reflects on the decade-long evolution of coaching, from “fix-it” coaching to high-impact coaching.  Executive coaching has emerged as a crucial way to imbue leaders with the needed dexterity to navigate the new workplace, and develop talent and leadership capabilities across […]

Columbia Coaching Conference 2016 Experiential Learning Session Series: The Dark Side of Personality- Expanding the Boundaries of Coaching

Audrey M. Wallace, Hogan Assessment Systems The session will focus primarily on the dark side of personality and its role in the coaching engagement. The purpose will be to discuss dark side personality tendencies and strategic self-awareness to modify and elicit behavioral change. Key takeaways include defining the difference between bright and dark side characteristics […]

Columbia Coaching Conference 2016 Experiential Learning Session Series: Multicultural Team Connectivity Training -Utilizing Differences to Yield High Performing Team

Yaron Prywes Columbia University Mesum Buser Weill Cornell Medicine Christian Tanja Institute of International Education This session is for coaches who work with diverse teams and desire tools that facilitate psychological safety and authenticity. Two real identity encounter presentations will engage the audience and be used to teach the 3-level Team Connectivity model. Key takeaways […]

Columbia Coaching Conference 2016 Coaching Demo Series: Havening Techniques® A Groundbreaking Neuroscientific Protocol for Empowering Performance

Adam Vane, MA, PCC, Managing Partner, Paragon Global Consulting Dr. Ronald Ruden, MD, PhD, Internist, Researcher, Author, Yaffe Ruden & Associates This coaching demonstration will introduce a groundbreaking new technique based on the neuroscientific research and practice of Drs. Ronald and Steven Ruden applied to thousands of patients therapeutically and now successfully implemented with many […]

Columbia Coaching Conference 2016 Coaching Demo Series: Coaching in the 21st-Century- Technology to Provide Executives

Timothy Morin, President & CEO, WJM Associates, Inc. Alison Eydenberg, VP, Coaching Services, WJM Associates, Inc. Helen Materazzi, Senior Consultant, WJM Associates, Inc. This session will demonstrate the use of K. Anders Ericsson’s Deliberate Practice model of performance development primarily through the set up and use of a new smartphone app that helps a coaching […]