Columba Coaching Conference Keynote Speaker: Richard E. Boyatzis – Coaching for Sustained, Desired Change: Why Relationships, Compassion and Hope Matter

Growth and development are major drivers in our quest to help others make a difference and contribute to a better organization and society. Coaches, as a class of people who help others, establish a deep emotional connection with others called resonance. A coach’s level of emotional intelligence allow them to create and nurture resonant relationships through mindfulness, hope, compassion, and even playfulness. Based on decades of research into emotional intelligence competencies and longitudinal studies in their development, this session will lead the audience through examples of how coaching with compassion is key to leadership development and more resonant relationships. He will share recent fMRI studies on coaching to the Positive Emotional Attractor (PEA) versus the Negative Emotional Attractor (NEA) and explain why it’s central to neuro-endocrine renewal in the human body, which is the only antidote to the ravages of chronic stress characteristic of modern life.

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