Columbia Coaching Conference 2016 Coaching Demo Series: Coaching in the 21st-Century- Technology to Provide Executives

Timothy Morin, President & CEO, WJM Associates, Inc.
Alison Eydenberg, VP, Coaching Services, WJM Associates, Inc.
Helen Materazzi, Senior Consultant, WJM Associates, Inc.

This session will demonstrate the use of K. Anders Ericsson’s Deliberate Practice model of performance development primarily through the set up and use of a new smartphone app that helps a coaching client to:
• translate coaching goals into daily/regular practice activities
• rewire neural pathways with regular behavioral reminders
• collect feedback from raters (with a touch of a button)
• chart progress over time against personal coaching goals, and
• maintain focus on development goals in-between coaching sessions and after the coaching engagement is over.

The demonstration will:
• Describe current challenges of measuring the impact of coaching on behavior and job effectiveness and the shortcomings of traditional 360 assessment processes. (4 minutes)
• Describe K. Anders Ericsson’s Deliberate Practice model and how it can be applied to coaching (5 minutes)
• Model effective coaching goal setting and translating such goals into daily/regular practice activities for the coaching client (9 minutes)
• Demonstrate use of new smartphone app to support daily practice of new behaviors, collect regular feedback and track progress against coaching goals (12 minutes)
• Invite input from participants regarding the potential impact of such technology on coaching outcomes, perceptions of colleagues/raters, corporate culture, etc., as well as questions and answers (10 minutes).

An important part of the demonstration is to show a coach working with an executive to create High Priority Coaching Goals (intersection of Change Executive Wants + Change Boss and Other Stakeholders Want + Change Critical to Business Outcomes), and then translating these goals into very specific Deliberate Practice Activities which support new “foundational” behaviors that will underpin the executive’s progress towards his/her coaching goals. This will be demonstrated by a senior WJM Executive Coach and a WJM staff member serving as the coaching client. By the end of this section, participants will have reviewed coaching goal-setting and the importance of “getting granular” by identifying actual day-to-day practice activities that lead to lasting change. This will be informed by K. Anders Ericsson’s Deliberate Practice Framework and the concept of the “Learning Zone” as coined by Noel Tichy, former chief of GE’s Crotonville leadership development center

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