Columbia Coaching Conference 2016 Experiential Learning Session Series: Expanding Possibilities-An Experiential Process to Vision The Future of Coaching, and Commit to Action

Sara Bigwood Affiliate to ICF New York and Director of Employee Development Program at Havas Worldwide

Rosy Elliott Affiliate to ICF Philadelphia and  Principal, Evolve Coaching

The purpose of this experiential learning session is to explore the future of coaching by building bridges between individual work and systems coaching. Participants- academics, researchers and coaches, will reflect on their own work and assess their engagement and contribution to the future of coaching. Key takeaways include a snapshot of the entire system; an experience of current engagement; vision for the future and next steps toward desired involvement in the future of coaching.

In this experiential session we will be exploring 2 tools designed to ‘reveal the system to itself’. For the purposes of these exercises ‘the system’ is the participants in the Columbia Coaching Conference. We will take participants through High Dream/Low Dream and Informal Constellations.

Through these experiences we will be building bridges between internal (what I feel) and external (what the system requires) by using the space in the room to reveal the voices of the system; bridges between participants’ hopes and their concerns; bridges across professions; and bridges between engagement and action.

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