Columbia Coaching Conference 2016 Experiential Learning Session Series: The Dark Side of Personality- Expanding the Boundaries of Coaching

Audrey M. Wallace, Hogan Assessment Systems

The session will focus primarily on the dark side of personality and its role in the coaching engagement. The purpose will be to discuss dark side personality tendencies and strategic self-awareness to modify and elicit behavioral change. Key takeaways include defining the difference between bright and dark side characteristics and expanding boundaries from traditional methods of coaching to employ strategies for impacting

By the end of this session, participants will be able to define and differentiate between bright and dark side personality characteristics to better design and employ different coaching strategies to effectively elicit strategic self-awareness and behavioral change. The overall goal is to provide participants with strategies they can use to bring about a deeper sense of strategic self-awareness around dark side tendencies and their impact on leadership effectiveness. Participants will leave with a solid understanding of the differences between bright and dark side tendencies. The key objective is to help participants expand their boundaries from traditional methods of coaching around bright side tendencies to further employ strategies for working with the dark side of personality.

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