Adam Vane


Adam Vane, M.A., PCC (USA), has helped CEOs and executives from more than 100 organizations break through their upper limits to see their strategy realized more quickly. In addition to coaching executives in areas of financial services, media, and technology, he coaches UN country leaders on team development, media relations and negotiation strategies in countries such as the Sudan, Algeria and Afghanistan. Adam earned his M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia and is an examiner for the Columbia Coaching Certification Program. He teaches Conflict Management at New York University and presents regularly to CEO members of Vistage and Young Presidents Organization. Under Dr. Ruden, he was the first certified Havening Trainer in North America, having successfully helped hundreds of executive coaching clients free themselves from seemingly “stuck” behaviors to lead a more productive life.


Havening Techniques®: A Groundbreaking Neuroscientific Protocol for Empowering Performance
Adam Vane, MA, PCC, Managing Partner, Paragon Global Consulting
Dr. Ronald Ruden, MD, PhD, Internist, Researcher, Author, Yaffe Ruden & Associates

This coaching demonstration will introduce a groundbreaking new technique based on the neuroscientific research and practice of Drs. Ronald and Steven Ruden applied to thousands of patients therapeutically and now successfully implemented with many different kinds of coaching clients. Participants will learn the basic neuroscience, see the peer-reviewed research, hear how clients were freed from longstanding negative behavioral patterns to achieve extraordinary outcomes and experience the technique either through observation or volunteer participation.

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