Alexandra Barosa-Pereira


Alexandra is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Coach Mentor (CCM), with more than 1.500 hrs in Executive Coaching with C-levels, Directors and Managers, with assessment expertise. She enhances talent, culture and employees engagement, having clients from a various range of industries and geographies. Since 2007 her work has been focus on corporate and executive coaching, behavioral training and talent and leadership development. She’s been also working as a trainer and mentor of other coaches worldwide. Her fascination with change and integration’s ability in the development of human potential led her to work with Global Leaders, which is currently the art and science of her projects.

She has a degree in Sociology, a Master in Psychology, and an ongoing PhD in Global Management.

Author of the book: Coaching in Portugal: Theory and Practice. In the book: RH: das teorias às boas práticas, 2010: author of the article The practice of Corporate Coaching in the 21st Century’s Organizations and Co-author of the article: Coaching in Portugal – evolution of coaches’ practice. Author of the article: “Building Cultural Competencies in Coaching: Essay for the First Steps”, Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture, Volume 5, Issue 2, pages 98–112, July 2014.


The Fourth Period of Executive Coaching: Globalization or Localization of Executive Coaching?

This paper proposes a set of dimensions for an intercultural coach competencies’ framework. It starts with a literature review, and. supported by qualitative data analyses, presents an initial draft of dimensions to be considered, going even further when linking it to theories of Sociology of Absences and Sociology of Emergences. The findings question how the future of coaching should regard the absences and emergencies while training coaches to develop uniqueness and expand boundaries.

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