Amy Abel


Amy Lui Abel is Managing Director of Human Capital at The Conference Board and leads research efforts focusing on leadership development, human capital analytics, talent management, diversity and inclusion, executive coaching, and human resources.

Amy was previously a Director of Leadership Development with Morgan Stanley, supporting high potential senior leaders globally. She has also held roles at Accenture, Adobe Systems, JPMorganChase, and led a private consulting organization performance practice.

Amy currently serves on the New York University Tandon School of Engineering Enterprise Learning Board of Directors. Amy has taught at NYU Stern School of Business in management and organization studies and served on the Board of Directors for the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD) NY Chapter. Based on her doctoral research study about corporate universities and organizational learning, Amy was recognized for ‘Best Workplace Learning Dissertation’ by the American Educational Research Association Workplace Learning Group.

Amy was published in The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Coaching in Organizations by Jossey Bass, People + Strategy Journal, The Handbook of Workplace Learning by Sage Publications, Human Resources Development Quarterly Journal, and ATD’s T+D (Training and Development) Magazine. She holds a PhD from New York University in organizational learning and performance.


Demo: Looking Back to Go Forward: 10 Years of Executive Coaching Research

On its 10th year, the 2016 Global Executive Coaching Research Report by The Conference Board reflects on the decade-long evolution of coaching, from “fix-it” coaching to high-impact coaching.  Executive coaching has emerged as a crucial way to imbue leaders with the needed dexterity to navigate the new workplace, and develop talent and leadership capabilities across the organization. Through the years, companies have evolved in their journey to a well-managed, strategically aligned, and sustainable coaching practice—we are excited to ground Columbia’s 2nd International Coaching Conference with insights gathered from a decade of research!

Panel: Boundary Expansion through High Impact Coaching in the Chaotic Healthcare Environment
The healthcare industry is in a highly disruptive period – where traditional boundaries are expanding and bridges are being constructed to manage the unprecedented velocity of change. In this chaotic environment – from evolving government regulation, educated consumers, aging population, new technologies, labor shortage, and changing skills – high impact executive coaching services provide a bridge for leaders to navigate this complex environment where their “GPS” coordinates need continual upgrading. Healthcare leaders are operating their new VUCA world – where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity need to be managed amidst significant business challenges and cost pressures.

This panel session will focus on emerging coaching best practices within the fast changing healthcare environment. The Panel includes three business leaders that partner with Lee Hecht Harrison and The Conference Board on developing and integrating sustainable, impactful coaching and leadership development programs within dynamic healthcare organizations. Panelists will engage each other and the audience in dialogue, share their strategies and tactics for navigating this complex environment and what boundaries they have tested as they build the “coaching bridge” needed to sustain success at their firms. The lessons learned from the panel will be applicable for any industry undergoing dramatic change

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