Audrey Wallace


Audrey is the senior manager of Hogan’s Coaching and Independent Consultant Networks who works hand-in-hand with independent consultants, coaches and practitioners across the globe. She provides strategic consulting around psychometric tools and their use in providing effective feedback and coaching, selection, on-boarding, team building, high potential, and development systems and acts as a business strategist for the Hogan Coaching Network for the design and implementation of Hogan’s coaching services.

Audrey has spent over a decade integrating Hogan’s tools into various coaching and leadership development initiatives, selection, talent management and succession planning programs at all levels of the organization. She has facilitated many project deployments for Fortune 500 companies and partnered with clients to explore business development opportunities, design applicable selection and development assessment solutions, and facilitate team and development workshops.

Audrey holds a MS in I/O Psychology and has also completed Columbia University’s Coaching Certification Program. Prior to joining Hogan Assessment Systems, Audrey provided support to the department responsible for the selection and development of 200+ sales managers and general agents at MassMutual Financial Group. Her primary focus was the design and delivery of training programs focused on coaching and performance management.


The Dark Side of Personality: Expanding the Boundaries of Coaching

The session will focus primarily on the dark side of personality and its role in the coaching engagement. The purpose will be to discuss dark side personality tendencies and strategic self-awareness to modify and elicit behavioral change. Key takeaways include defining the difference between bright and dark side characteristics and expanding boundaries from traditional methods of coaching to employ strategies for impacting behavioral change and leadership effectiveness by focusing on the dark side.

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