Dale Hudson


Dr Hudson is a business consultant conducting research and practices examining how close relationships help individuals to learn, grow and thrive when facing the myriad of organizational challenges. Dale works at all levels of organizations promoting engagement and effective leadership functioning. Dale has spoken to groups and associations from New York to Los Angeles. Dale recently developed a 3-hour workshop titled “Attachment Focused Leadership” for business professionals and educators. Dale plans to write a book tentatively entitled Phantom Leadership. Dale is pleased to be returning to the Coaching Conference and presenting his work.


Attachment/Caregiving: Assessing individual differences in the “Internal Structures” of Executive Coaches
This study is an attempt to apply individual differences in caregiving representations and attachment styles to executive coaching and individual coaches. Following analysis of Perceptions of Coaching survey responses provided by 41 coaches (N = 41), Pearson correlations indicated that attachment anxiety and avoidance were associated with negative caregiving representations (lower levels of perceived ability to recognize others’ needs and lower levels of readiness to offer help). Negative representations can hinder or disrupt the coach-client relationship and thus compromise client outcomes.

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