Dana Kirchman


Dana Kirchman is an executive coach and facilitator with Goodstone Group and a managing partner of Blue Star Partners Consulting. She is the Co-Chair of the Columbia University Coaching Conference. Dana works with senior leaders, boards and teams to maximize performance, increase communication, change culture and foster innovation. Dana has over 20 years of experience in consulting, coaching, global teams and line management, and has previously worked at McKinsey & Company, American Express Company and Viacom / MTV Networks. Dana is a board member of the Ars Nova Theater and is a theater and film producer. She holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School, a B.A. from Yale University and Coaching Certification from Columbia University.


Coaching and Consulting: Navigating the Boundaries of Support and Advice
Our panel of experienced practitioners addresses the coach’s changing role in an environment where organizations seek “systemic” help. We consider how to navigate boundaries of coaching and consulting in design, ethics, contracting, style and presence. When a professional is both consultant and coach, how can he/she bridge roles? How much “contributing” is too much? And with coaching itself changing – including mindfulness and somatic techniques – how can business coaches and consultants benefit from broadening their practice?

The Round Organization: New Structures to Enable Coaching Culture
This paper proposes new organizational models showing “what’s next” after the flat organization. These models maximize relationship building, enable coaching culture, and allow talented executives with diverse strengths to excel. Coaches often help individuals handle stress and minimize performance risk. Yet organization structure is also an important lever to empower leaders. We present three “round” organization models that expand the boundaries of innovation, providing more of the “autonomy, mastery and purpose” (Pink) that leaders seek.

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