Gail Greenstein


Gail Greenstein, Ed.D is the Global Head of Talent and OD for Global Functions in Novartis Oncology. She has over 25 years of talent management, OD and leadership development experience in a range of industries from The Travelers, Johnson and Johnson, Discovery Communications, The Gap, Levi Strauss & Co and Novartis Oncology. At Novartis Oncology. Gail has most recently been involved with creating innovative career development initiatives for medical and commercial talent, conducting unique talent forums, implementing high performing team programs, designing and implementing a women’s program to build a robust pipeline of talent and partnering with the business to design executive development programs that are linked to business strategy.

Gail earned her Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts @Amherst, a Masters in Organizational Behavior from the University of Hartford and a Doctorate in Human and Organizational Studies from George Washington University.

Gail recently graduated from the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program in May 2016. She is currently using her thesis from the program to publish how the framework of intersectionality can help coaches identify their own and clients multiple identities to recognize their own potential biases to create safe spaces for clients.


Intersectionality and Executive Coaching: Transforming Perspectives
ICF promotes cultural competence as a success factor for executive coaches. There are some limitations to using this as a framework. Frameworks, drawn from intersectionality scholars, will be used to explore how Executive Coaches can build their critical consciousness by understanding the complex dimensions of social location, privilege, power and oppression. This critical paradigm will help coaches better understand themselves and their clients in a larger context and create safe spaces for clients.

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