Janine Schindler


Janine A. Schindler is a Master Certified Coach and leadership development facilitator. Her intuition, integrity, and expertise (accompanied by a sense of humor), enable her to be a catalyst for others’ growth.

Her experience and training on brain-based leadership, positive psychology, and systems and change theories uniquely benefit her clients. She has worked with industries including: financial, insurance, global consulting, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and media. Janine’s diverse expertise is distilled from her experience with global consulting firms, managing the design of strategic systems–from highway traffic control to global trading.She uses logic skills (which helped her earn degrees in mathematics and computer science) and innate curiosity to enhance her coaching.

She has served as an instructor, R&D team member (New York University’s Coaching Certificate program), and created the High Impact Coaching™ Certificate Program for two colleges within the City University of New York. She serves on the International Coach Federation’s global independent ethical review board, and as a coaching examiner for Columbia University.

Janine specializes in working with executives and organizations in team building, and cross-cultural/cross-generational communication.She has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and has been featured on “ABC World News This Morning”.


Bridging the Chasms between Individuals: Expanding Our Understanding of Mindset
Attendees will explore the boundaries of Life Positions to discover what mindsets are, their characteristics, and how they affect brain chemistry, emotion and performance. Participants will acquire the tools to shift out of an undesirable state, and into a heathy, productive one. They will learn how, as individuals and as coaches, to identify Life Positions and use that knowledge as an advantage when coaching themselves and their clients to achieve an optimum level of success.

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