Judith Dozier Hackman


Judith Hackman, Ph.D., is higher education consultant, coach, and senior partner at Ideas for Action, LLC where she serves on the management committee. During her career at Yale University, Judith was associate dean of Yale College and director of institutional research, corporate and foundation relations, and the teaching fellow program. She earned her Ph.D. at the University of Michigan in higher education research and administration.


Seven Coaching Types: Toward a Better Understanding of Coaching Purposes
This study compiles and analyzes coaching types through a grounded theory approach including (1) a literature review (2) interviews, and (3) surveys of experienced coaches. Seven primary coaching types are identified and summarized in three groups: work, personal, and other. Also, coaching is compared with six other professional services. It is hoped that this study and follow-up exploration will help inform coaching practices and contribute to future research about coaching outcomes.

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