Lucy van Hove


Lucy Van Hove, PhD in Management Sciences and MA in Psychology, is Lecturer and Senior Researcher at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (ULB) where she teaches Human Resources Management and Leadership. She develops research in the areas of Executive Coaching and Leadership, and she focused in her PhD dissertation on the assessment of the Impact and the Key Success Factors in Executive Coaching.

For the past 10 years, she has been working as an Executive Coach and facilitator specialized in the development of leadership, communication skills, emotional intelligence and personal efficiency. She is also a trainer and supervisor for coaches in the Certification Program for Coaching of the University of Louvain, as well as for consultancy firms. Lucy can be reached at lucy.van.hove @


Understanding Change in Executive Coaching: An Empirical Analysis of the Key Success Factors for Developing Leadership Skills
Although coaching is increasingly used in organizations, scientific literature on coaching remains scarce, especially concerning the key success factors and processes by which coaching generates change. To address this gap, we conducted semi-structured interviews with previously coached managers. Our results question the very notion of “key success factors”, and suggest that it is not the factors themselves that are key, but a limited number of intermediate mechanisms by which the supposedly-key factors influence coaching results.

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