Matthias Ehrhardt


Matthias has served as an executive coach, facilitator, and lecturer for entrepreneurship, leadership skills, talent development, and communication at various universities and companies for 20 years. He has worked with startups, SMEs and family businesses, famous figures, leading business schools, and global corporations, both in Europe and the US (such as DAIMLER, KPMG, etc.). In addition, Matthias has extensive experience in building up, restructuring, investing in, and growing companies in diverse industries such as media, training, education, and high tech. Currently, he is engaged in various businesses and research projects that focus on learning, talent development, and organizational performance.

Learning and teaching have always been a passion of his. Matthias has a master of administration studies (M.A.S.), a master in media psychology (M.A.), a PhD in law (Dr. iur.), and another PhD in art history (Dr. phil.) from the University of Munich. He is an alumnus of both IESE Business School’s AMP and Co lumbia Business School’s CIBE programs and is currently enrolled in Harvard Business School’s Owners and Presidents Program (OPM). Matthias has attended IESE’s International Faculty Program (IFP), the Columbia Coaching Certification Program (CCCP), and is a founding fellow of the Institute of Coaching (ICPA) at Harvard Medical School.


Stories are Bridges from one Mind to Another: Suggesting and Using a Narrative Model within the Columbia Coaching Framework

The paper proposes a model of how findings from narrative theory can be integrated within the Columbia context – content – conduct coaching framework. It reflects definitions and theories from narratology regarding executive coaching. Additionally, the paper suggests a model containing central elements of stories (“ABC of narrative”) and shows how this model can be applied within Columbia’s coaching framework. Finally, it gives recommendations for practitioners and suggests further areas of research.

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