Rachel Ciporen


Rachel Ciporen, EdDAs an executive coach, consultant and educator Rachel works with global executives and their teams across multiple industries. She has coached over a thousand leaders to successfully respond to strategic business challenges through expanding their behavioral repertoire, developing and communicating a clear and compelling vision, and supporting cross-functional collaboration. Rachel designs leadership and coaching programs for a variety of organizations and executive teams. Rachel is a faculty member of the Columbia University Coaching Program and the Gestalt OSD Center. Rachel has been coaching in Columbia Business School’s Executive Education Programs since 2004. Rachel received her doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership and her Masters in Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. Rachel’s research on leadership development, executive education, and transformative learning have appeared in several journals including The Academy of Management Learning and Education, The Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, and The Journal for Action Research, an edited book on Internal Coaching, and a book chapter titled The Emerging Field of Executive and Organizational Coaching: An Overview.


Centering and Grounding Through Meditation: A Bridge to Expanded Use of Self and Coach Presence
An executive coach’ s ability to stay present, open and curious is essential to their effectiveness given the complex systems they work in. This experiential session aims to expand coaches’ Use of Self and capacity to stay present through the introduction of meditation and Gestalt concepts. Participants will experiment with ways of centering and grounding themselves and leave with elements of a practice they can use in their day-to-day life.

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