Sara Bigwood


Sara Bigwood is an international certified coach and experiential trainer. She started her career in Belgium in 2007 when she found Pro Action Coaching. She moved to New York in 2014 where she re-launched her business and is now Global Director of Employee Development Program at Havas Worldwide. Sara holds a Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation, she is a certified MBTI practitioner and a Bigger Game certified Trainer. She is a trained in Organization Relationship System Coaching and incorporates a systems approach to team development. She has written two books in French about education for young children (Ed De Boeck,) and one book in English called the Expat Method to Lead Your Organization Through Change.

Sara Bigwood is driven to support organizations and teams to learn how to work together efficiently. Her unique approach invites clients to use space and movement to reveal hidden patterns. The powerful awareness these tools provide activates the drive to reach goals more easily.

Sara is fun, direct, demanding and inspiring. She is passionate about unleashing interactions and witnessing the magic that happens in a trusting and efficient group.

Some clients includes UBS, Sony, Baxter, Pfizer, Axa, Levi’s, GBL…


Expanding Possibilities: An Experiential Process to Vision The Future of Coaching, and Commit to Action
The purpose of this experiential learning session is to explore the future of coaching by building bridges between individual work and systems coaching. Participants- academics, researchers and coaches, will reflect on their own work and assess their engagement and contribution to the future of coaching. Key takeaways include a snapshot of the entire system; an experience of current engagement; vision for the future and next steps toward desired involvement in the future of coaching.

1 Working with Teams to Create a High Performing Culture using Stages of Individual and Team Development
This experiential session will explore teams as the future’s most important unit in organizations—the core unit that establishes organizational culture and sparks its evolution and development. This session will enable participating coaches to understand the team as a system, a whole that is greater and more capable than just the sum of the individuals. It will give participants a basic understanding of adult development theory as applies to individuals and teams. We will teach techniques to bridge individual and team identities and growth, enabling the team to learn from the individuals and the individuals to learn from the team. We will bridge coaching skills and core developmental stage theories—in effect bringing in Adult Development Theory as a frame that informs the coaching process and enables it to move forward more effectively. The lens of this theory will also expand participants’ sense of what is possible for their clients, enabling them to introduce team coaching and stage of development as strategies that helps the organization build the relationship infrastructure needed to continue to adapt to a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (V.U.C.A.). In this way, we will examine how we can expand the future of coaching, as the profession seeks to become more effective at helping leaders and organizations evolve.

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