Susan R. Meyer


Dr. Meyer, principal of Susan R. Meyer, Coaching and Consulting has over 35 years of experience coaching and designing and establishing growth experiences for individuals and organizations in corporate, government, not-for-profit, social service, health care and university settings. Her most recent book, Fifty Over Fifty: Wise and Wild Women Creating Wonderful Lives (And You Can Too!) documents the careers of fifty women to identify seven characteristics that lead to maintaining successful careers and vibrant lives.

Susan has coached executive and mid-level managers on leadership skills, succession planning, strategic planning, organizational change and individual transition in organizations including the ASPCA, Institute for Community Living, the Jewish Museum of Monmouth County, NYC Human Resources Administration, MTA NYC Transit, Metropolitan, Harlem, and St. Francis Hospitals, NRG Energy and Roche Pharmaceuticals. She also has provided professional development consultations to faculty at NYU’s Stern School of Business. Susan has a doctorate in Adult Learning and Leadership from Teachers College, Columbia University and masters degrees in counseling and educational psychology from New York University. She is part of the core faculty of the Columbia Coaching Certificate Program.


Maintaining Engagement for Female Third-Phase Career Managers
Maintaining an engaged and integrated management team as the average work life extends presents a novel organizational challenge. Older female managers often lack both challenge and promotional opportunities and some report feeling bored and sidelined. This paper examines research on women in management, retention efforts, lifespan development, executive coaching, interviews and anecdotal reports related to women over fifty in management and recommends strategies to increase participation and job satisfaction.

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