Timothy Morin


Tim Morin is the President & CEO of WJM Associates, Inc., a leadership development firm based in New York. Tim has been with WJM for 15 years and has overseen hundreds of successful coaching and other leadership developmental engagements. Tim also manages WJM’s faculty of over 300 executive coaches who appreciate that he takes WJM’s partnership with consultants as seriously as with clients. Tim is a frequent writer on subjects around leadership development, strategy, decision making, and talent due diligence in the context of mergers. Tim joined WJM after a successful investment banking career managing private and public equity offerings for midsize media and technology companies.


Coaching in the 21st-Century: Technology to Provide Executives Receiving Coaching with Real Time Feedback and Reinforcement of New, Desired Behaviors
Demonstrates brand new technology that supports better coaching outcomes by leveraging developments in neuroscience and the latest research in habit formation. This technology is designed specifically to be used in the context of executive coaching engagements. It empowers the coaching client to collect real-time feedback on how others perceive his/her behavior vis-à-vis his/her specific coaching goals, while providing the executive with regular reminders to “deliberately practice” new behaviors, helping the behaviors become new habits.

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